Why Gum

Neurological Benefit Study

The psychologist Leta Hollingsworth scientifically linked gum-chewing and cognitive performance for the first time in 1939, offering evidence that the habit promoted relaxation and improved such cognitive tasks as number-checking and typing.

More Than Just Blowing Bubbles

It all began on a beautiful Colorado ‘Snow Day’

In the early 2000’s, while searching online for a new, creative way to entertain the kids during a Snow Day, Dave came across a Real Gum Making Kit. Ordered a package in preparation for the next Snow Day and soon after, he and the kids began crafting their first batch of homemade chewing gum. They quickly learned gum is quite difficult to make and very, very, very sticky, but also lots of FUN! Over the years they made hundreds of batches of handcrafted gum in every flavor imaginable. Little did they know at the time, those amazing hours with the family, were the foundation of what would become Rocky Mountain Bob’s CBD Chewing Gum today.

Where did the name come from?

A decade+ ago, our founder Dave’s good friend Bob, was deemed too sick to get on the list for the heart & lung transplant he needed to survive. Dave was also fighting his own life & death battle, having been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Dave made it his mission to get Bob healthy enough to get on the transplant list. He began by inviting Bob over to help him make gum, a way to help get him out of the house, enjoy some camaraderie with an old friend and to have a ‘project’ to look forward too. Dave studied a lot over the years about the benefits of using organic ingredients, using sustainable real gum chicle (instead of synthetic chicle like most gum manufacturers do) and how, when chewing gum, those ingredients are absorbed through mucus membranes in your mouth, rather than having to pass through your digestive tract. Armed with this knowledge, Dave created a regimen of high dose CBD treatments for each of them by adding the CBD into the gum.

Within the year, Bob grew healthy enough for the heart & lung transplant. & Dave’s tumor shrunk to just 3% the size of what it was. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, everyone reacts differently to the various ingredients and factors in their world.

Thankfully for Bob & Dave, a healing combination of friendship, love, purpose, positivity, hope and CBD helped in ways no one could have imagined.

Rocky Mountain Bob is the embodiment of hope, friendship, family, perseverance and the heartfelt belief that the earth holds the cures to what ails us, if we just trust in it.
We all want to heal, to HOPE, to LIVE, not just survive – just like Bob!

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