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Family & Gratitude

Our Story


In the late 1800’s my great great grandma Nudge was making the best CBD chewing gum before we knew what it was. They called her Nudge because she was a very strong woman, not afraid to speak her mind. She slow-boiled hemp plants down to oil, adding various herbs such as chamomile, lavender, mint, along with a few secret ingredients. She would then fold the mixture into apricot sap to form an organic, chewy and naturally medicinal treat. Friends, family and neighbors raved about the miraculous healing powers of Nudge’s magic gum for everything from aches and pains to poor sleep, anxiety and a myriad of ailments. 

We have modernized Grandmas recipe to create an all organic and delicious CBD chewing gum. Over the last 13 years we've created more than 43 flavors, and 14 botanical emulsions and formulations. The naturally medicinal effects of body-ready organic ingredients coupled with the increased bio-availability provided by chewing gum's delivery of the actives via buccal ingestion makes for a powerful and all-natural alternative to the all too accessible synthetic medicines. Opioids in particular! 

Rocky Mountain Bob’s CBD chewing gum is the only botanic infused chewing gum company in North America that still uses organic gum chicle from the Sopadilla or Sapota tree. We responsibly and sustainably source this from various family-run operations around the world. Rocky Mountain Bob is available for retail, delicious, and simply the best CBD chewing Gum in the world! 

With Gratitude,

David Desch


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