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Our CBD Story

Our CBD Story

Family & Gratitude
In the late 1800’s, long before anyone knew what it was, my great Grandma Nudge was making her own version of CBD chewing gum. Nudge slow cooked hemp down to oil, added chamomile, lavender, apricot sap and other botanicals to create a cannabinoid chew. It was a special treat loved by friends, family and all who tried it.
At Rocky Mountain Bob’s CBD, we have modernized that family recipe to create a sustainably sourced, earth friendly, CBD infused chewing gum that is delicious and THC Free. We only use clean, CO2 extracted and organically farmed Hemp isolate, real gum chicle and organic ingredients to create our own unique CBD infused chewing gum.
In Gratitude,
David Desch
Founder / CEO of Rocky Mountain Bob CBD